Who We Are

With the same quality of traditional brands plus a personalized touch, Flash Med Supply, LLC was founded at the beginning of 2013 with the purpose of distributing dental medical equipment while using its own brand in the attractive Latin American market. The founder of the company decides to provide the professionals of the medical and odontological branch the traditional products under the personalized development of his brand, using his vast experience and professionalism to surpass the quality of the presentation and performance of other competing brands.

With over twenty years of market knowledge and thanks to other companies that had established themselves throughout this period, the distribution relationships in Latin America have strengthened, especially in the Andean and Central American countries. The company has already established supply relationships in Brazil, Europe, Asia and the US. for a future manufacture of Medical and Dental equipment sheltered by the brand of Flash Med Supply LLC®


Flash Med Supply LLC has developed a competitive strategy based on the following main components: An attractive and different value added proposition, offering attractive prices and top-level solutions with excellent customer service and the highest possible quality in all its products; Flash has placed its brand in quality products to establish its reputation and loyalty in the medical and dental market; The experience in direct sales, as well as the distribution channels established for several years in the market, guarantee our deliveries with accuracy and punctuality, also allowing the client who visits our offices to obtain their products immediately due to the large stock that we maintain for the professionals and distributors.