Large Equipment

Portable Dental Units

PC-2630 Portable Dental Unit (2-hole or 4-hole)

PC-2630 Portable Dental Unit (2-hole or 4-hole)

This dental air system is completely autonomous. Quick and easy to set up and operate. Ready for travel. Ask for details.

PC-2930 Portable Dental Unit W/ Scaler & Curing Light

PC-2930 Portable Dental Unit W/ Scaler & Curing Light

This dental air system is completely autonomous and includes a scaler and curing light. Quick and easy to set up and operate. Ready for travel. Ask for details.

Dental Operatory Chairs

TPC Laguna Chair Mounted Operatory System: Package comes with cuspidor.

Dimensions (L x W x H):

Chair: 54 x 34 x 31

Cushion: 51 x 24x 10

Unit: 51 x 21x 18

Unit: 19 x 21 x 23

Dental Light: 38 x 17 x 15

Cuspidor: 20 x 13 x 14

CBCT Scanners


Excelsior 3D CBCT from Prexion



A low dose of radiation and the best technology in image quality, allow PreXion to "make it visible" in all medical circumstances. The new FPD allows you to double the image capture rate compared to previous models. Less radiation with better images.

Selectable options for ALL scans

The FOV (Field of View), the Scan Type (Volume) and the Patient Size can be customized to suit the doctor's needs, while limiting the patient's exposure to radiation.




PreXion focuses on having the best image quality. It does not increase the excelsior voxel SIZE for any field of view. It has the smallest focal point in the pulsed X-ray industry. It generates high volume images that allow you to see more details in simpler images, and offers a faster scanning time and less exposure of patients to radiation.

More volume in the images. MORE ANGLES = MORE DETAILS

A greater volume of projections allows you to capture more angles, offering significantly more details. Scan times may increase at higher projection volumes, but with advances in CBCT technology, a high-quality scanner can capture the largest volume of images in less than 30 seconds.



Focal point size: 0.3mm

Related quality image: HD Blu-ray quality (1280 x 720)

Voxel size: 0.1mm

512x512x512 Volume: Full HD TV quality (1920 x 720

1024 x 1024 x 816 volume: 4K Ultra HD TV quality (3840 x 2160)

Why are PreXion and Excelsior the ideal solution for diagnostic imaging?

  1. PreXion’s new central X-ray technologies reduce radiation and increase image clarity
  2. Emphasis on image quality, more details for the diagnosis
  3. Customizable options for each patient scan
  4. 2D and 3D image solutions in a single machine
  5. Powerful and intuitive software for diagnosis and planning
  6. Upgradeable features: FOV size, volume size, etc.
  7. 7. Unparalleled service, training and assistance.

Several scan modes allow the correct dose and the correct image. Excelsior 3D “MAKES IT VISIBLE” while protecting patients from unnecessary exposure to radiation


  • Quick reconstruction speeds below 1 minute.
  • 1024 Ultra HD, high volume image capability.
  • Easy and intuitive software operation and scan manipulation.
  • Measurement tools for accurate planning.
  • Customizable implant library.
  • Various applications for many specialties.
  • Upgradeable

PreXion Warranty: continuous support and training

  • Unmatched warranty of 7 years in PRO.
  • The warranty covers ALL parties.
  • Free software updates during the warranty period.
  • Unlimited software licenses for office computers.
  • On-site training to meet your team’s knowledge needs.
  • Remote and telephone assistance.
  • Additional learning through CE coordination and sponsorships.

3 models (EX, PLUS, & PRO) that offer 3 levels of excellence in clinical diagnosis. Fields of view available: EX (5×5, 10×5), PLUS (5×5, 10×5, 10×8), and PRO (5×5, 10×5, 10×8, 15×8, 15×13). Option of Cefalometric addition. Made in Japan.